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Senior DevOps Engineer (Full Remote)

Empresa: Michael Page
Provincia: 100% En remoto

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Senior DevOps Engineer (Full Remote) – Travel Industry
• Senior DevOps Engineer (Full Remote)|A leading company – IT Sector

Skills required



TypeScript v3.9 – main languages that should be used to implement applications business logic (React, Next.js, Nest.js)

Postgresql 9.5+

Python 3 may be used for DevOps automation

HCL (Terraform) for Infrastructure management

YAML for configuration and Kubernetes definitions

JSON as a universal DTOs format

BPMN 2.0 – to read and understand business flowsTools:

Infrastructure management – Terraform

Providing – Ansible

Containers – Docker, API version 1.40

Containers orchestration and cluster management – Kubernetes 1.16+

Caching – Redis 6+

Bull v3.18


Node packages manager – npm v6.13.4

Microservices messaging transport – NATS.io 1.3 and nats-operator v0.6.0

Diagrams.netDocumentations tools and formats:

All business and architecture diagrams should be provided as Diagrams.net compatible formats

Documentation should be provided either on platform confluence or in.md files in git repository

Documentation should be provided in EnglishOther skills and requirements:

High command of EnglishKnowledge of the travel industry

Products like the following ones:
• Hotels
• Flights (GDS and low cost carriers)
• Activities
• Transfers
• Car Rental
• Insurance
• Payment Gateway integrations
• Content integration (external)

A leading company – IT Sector

• Interesting professional opportunity
• Position: Full Remote
• Career opportunities
Tecnologías: Node js,TypeScript, Postgresql
Tipo de Contrato: 
Salario: Sin especificar
Experiencia: 2 años
Funciones: Programador
Descubre más: https://www.tecnoempleo.com/senior-devops-engineer-full-remote-100-en-remoto/node-js-typescript-postgr/rf-d41dm8cd9j8f0y0b2094

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