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Lead Software Engineer

Empresa: Alberto Navarro- Headhunter
Provincia: 100% En remoto

As a Lead Software Engineer , youll be working with our product and design team in a culture that´s all about empowerment and ownership. You´ll be working on exciting new products and innovative services to provide customers with real and obvious benefits.
Since we´re a start-up you´ll also need to be able to adapt and take on new challenges that you might ordinarily consider outside of your area of expertise. If you´re driven to succeed, have a desire to provide exceptional service and want to work for a company you´d be proud to tell your friends about; this is the perfect opportunity for you.

You will be expected to:
– Lead an integral technology team
– Build a high-performing team of outstanding, like-minded software engineers and developers
– Mentor and develop the skills of your team members
– Help to create and develop a culture of getting things done
– Drive both product and technical improvements
– Design, implement, and integrate full-stack solutions for existing and future problems
– Stay up to date with best practice, and further your (and your teams) knowledge and career development
– Own the delivery of your team´s assigned work, ensuring that both the team and the deliverable are set up for success
– Collaborate with product managers, designers, BAs, and other stakeholders before, during and after the development and iteration of a product / service / change
– Work alongside a UX/UI designer to ensure the final product looks and feels as anticipated
– Continuously review and, where possible, improve processes used by the team,
– Work on-call as rostered and when urgently required for any major incidents.

Basic qualifications and experience
You´ll have / be:
– Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to share your ideas effectively with various stakeholders
– Evidence of being a leader in your field of expertise
– Evidence of regularly being recognised as the “go to” person on one or more technical areas, in previous role
– Evidence of being a mentor of others – taking pride in helping fellow engineers improve their technical skills
– Experience leading a software team to deliver awesome products to tight deadlines
– Experience building or contributing to a variety of systems, in different technologies
– Knowledge of the best engineering practices and continuous delivery
– Experience building highly performant applications
– A degree in Computer Science or software related engineering, or other relevant experience
– A hands-on engineer with expertise in at least two programming languages
– 7+ years of experience in a technology company
– Experience with agile methodologies, such as Lean, Kanban, XP, and/or Scrum, embracing the “Principles behind the Agile Manifesto”
– Experience in developing web applications
– The ability to easily adapt to new languages / technologies / platforms
– A basic knowledge of testing best practices
– A passion to collaborate with team members and stakeholders
– A passion for developing products that will positively impact people and their environment
– A passion to help develop and share best practices with other members of the team
– Strong technical, analytical and problem-solving skills

Required experience
You´ll also ideally have experience with:
– NodeJS, Typescript
– ReactJS, Typescript
– Infrastructure as Code (IaC), such as Terraform, and/or AWS Cloud Formation
– Security best practices, models, and thinking
– API conventions and standards such as GraphQL; and
– Modern distributed computing approaches, including microservices, queues, event busses, scaling, high availability, and the like
Tecnologías: React js, Node js, AWS, Agile, Lean, Kanban, XP, Scrum
Tipo de Contrato: 
Salario: Sin especificar
Experiencia: Más de 5 años
Funciones: Jefe de Equipo
Formación mínima: 
Ingeniero Superior
Descubre más: https://www.tecnoempleo.com/lead-software-engineer-100-en-remoto/react-js-node-js-aws-agile-lean-kanba/rf-05e8pfa84l33a00d54m4

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